Definition of keep someone in in US English:

keep someone in

phrasal verb

  • Confine someone indoors or in a particular place.

    ‘he should be kept in overnight for a second operation’
    • ‘He later went to North Manchester General Hospital where he was kept in overnight for observation.’
    • ‘Since that first episode, my sister has been sectioned six times - the last time was the worst, when she was kept in for seven months, including Christmas, new year and, most heartbreakingly of all, her 30th birthday.’
    • ‘The woman was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where she has been kept in for observation.’
    • ‘Everyone has kept their children in today, they are so shocked and can't see why it has happened.’
    • ‘They got her under control, got the insulin levels stable and kept her in for a day or so to make sure all was well.’
    • ‘They were worried that he might have damaged a joint so wanted to keep him in overnight.’
    • ‘The doctors decided to keep him in overnight because they were worried about the injury to his eye.’
    • ‘An ambulance took the child to the hospital, where she was kept in for observation overnight.’
    • ‘But on arriving at the hospital the pain eased, and doctors decided to keep her in for 48 hours to check on her condition.’
    • ‘He was kept in for tests and an X-ray.’