Definition of keep from (or keep someone from) in US English:

keep from (or keep someone from)

phrasal verb

  • Avoid (or cause someone to avoid) doing something.

    ‘Dinah bit her lips to keep from screaming’
    ‘he could hardly keep himself from laughing’
    • ‘If you're over 40, you remember how you thought inflation would keep you from ever finding a job.’
    • ‘Their parents, too, reported that the children's oral health problems kept them from playing with other kids and disrupted their sleep.’
    • ‘Parents who speak in complete sentences will have children, by and large, who will do so, especially if they are kept from watching television and motion pictures.’
    • ‘Avoiding the person will keep you from reinforcing the feelings you have toward them.’
    • ‘For example, it is particularly striking that almost half of the Hispanic Spanish speakers in this study believed that the two-way program kept them from dropping out of school.’
    • ‘I can't recall ever actually watching a sunrise, and I guess technically I didn't see one yesterday since the rain clouds kept us from actually seeing the sun at all.’
    • ‘Health problems kept him from traveling.’
    • ‘Still, one wonders what has kept Faber from producing a paperback edition for so long.’
    • ‘It's sort of like this snorting sound - loud enough to keep us from ever sleeping again, yet quiet enough not to wake the neighborhood.’
    • ‘This process was a valuable tool in breaking through the walls that kept them from understanding themselves.’
    refrain from, stop oneself, restrain oneself from, prevent oneself from, manage not to, forbear from, resist the temptation to, forgo, avoid
    prevent, stop, hinder, impede, hamper
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