Definition of keep away (or keep someone away) in US English:

keep away (or keep someone away)

phrasal verb

  • Stay away (or make someone stay away)

    ‘keep away from the edge of the cliff’
    • ‘The fact is, you were kept away from the public for two years.’
    • ‘In fact the Orange parade used to gather at the bottom of our road and my mother even kept us away from the window.’
    • ‘It's hard enough to try to raise your kids right and keep them away from drugs without someone slipping this into my kids' daily round of subliminal nudging.’
    • ‘Shopping online or by mail order keeps you away from some of the holiday's most aggravating situations - crowded stores and streets.’
    • ‘Parents took their children out of classes last Tuesday and kept them away for the rest of the week in protest against the school's dilapidated condition.’
    • ‘I have kept him away from mirrors so he could not see how bad it was.’
    • ‘His father taught him at home and kept him away from children his age.’
    • ‘After the airport reception, the contestants were whisked to their hotel where they have been kept away from the press.’
    • ‘Although his record promotions and concert tours kept Joe away from Ireland a lot, he never forgot his home following and played the dancehall circuit to capacity audiences throughout the 80s.’
    • ‘Another pastime that has kept me away from the keyboard is a fascinating book I've been reading.’
    stay away, keep away, be absent, withdraw, retire, take one's leave, remove oneself, slip away, take oneself off, abscond
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