Definition of kangaroo care in US English:

kangaroo care


  • A method of caring for premature babies in which the infants are held skin-to-skin with a parent, usually the mother, for as many hours as possible every day.

    • ‘This is known in the industry as ‘kangaroo care.’’
    • ‘Nurses observed that four hours after delivery, the infants who received kangaroo care slept more, fussed and cried less, and made fewer startled motions compared with infants who were taken directly to the nursery.’
    • ‘The review also showed that babies who had kangaroo care immediately after birth ‘interacted more with their mothers, stayed warmer and cried less,’ said Moore.’
    • ‘Remember that in some instances, kangaroo care has meant the difference between life and death.’
    • ‘Baby may go home at 1800g if he is gaining weight in kangaroo care and is mostly breastfed.’
    • ‘The content ranges from detailed medical discussions of the conditions a premature infant suffers, to more spiritual musings on what it's like to give skin-to-skin ‘kangaroo care’ to a child born 15 weeks premature.’
    • ‘The study will be the first to measure the potential effect of kangaroo care on neonatal and infant mortality.’
    • ‘He also described how kangaroo care fits this original paradigm and the role that health care technology should play in the care of premature infants.’
    • ‘The purpose of this study was to determine the feasibility and acceptability of kangaroo care in a tertiary care hospital in India.’
    • ‘In a study at a hospital in Bogotá, Colombia, 764 babies who weighed about 3 to 5 pounds were assigned randomly to kangaroo care or to incubators.’