Definition of juvenilize in English:



  • 1Make or keep young or youthful; arrest the development of.

    • ‘The existence of juvenilizing factors in insects that prevent metamorphosis to the adult stage was first demonstrated in Rhodnius prolixus by Wigglesworth and later by Williams as well as others.’
    • ‘There is some evidence that MF may have a role in larval development by acting as a hormone that retards development (a juvenilizing factor).’
    • ‘Our Triops data seem to supports Laufer and colleagues initial ideas that MF may act as a juvenilizing agent in Crustacea.’
    • ‘Feminised or juvenilised Japanese faces were created by morphing between average male and female adult faces or between average male (female) adult and boy (girl) faces.’
    • ‘Ours is a society, Mintz explains, that isolates and juvenilizes young people more than ever before; they spend much less time with adults who can model and explain the ‘realities’ to them.’
    • ‘Retinoic acid, a retinoid known to regulate vertebrate morphogenesis, has also been found by Nemec et al. to have juvenilizing effects on developing insects and to stimulate vitellogenesis and egg deposition.’
    • ‘Ultimately, the book is condescending and juvenilizing.’
    1. 1.1as adjective juvenilizedEntomology (of an insect or part of one) having a juvenile appearance or physiology; showing arrested or reversed development.
      • ‘In rare cases (0.8%), it developed into a juvenilized pupa.’
      • ‘This resulted in 86% and 92% pupae, respectively, juvenilized to such an extent that eventually no offspring could be produced.’