Definition of juvenile offender in English:

juvenile offender


  • A person below a specific age (18 in most countries) who has committed a crime.

    • ‘There are 73 juvenile offenders on death row in the United States.’
    • ‘Like Sayyadina - like the great majority of juvenile offenders - most were not there for committing violent crimes.’
    • ‘As soon as he is buzzed into this jail for convicted juvenile offenders, Krauss begins teasing the probation officers.’
    • ‘About one-third of all Canadian property crime is committed by juvenile offenders.’
    • ‘According to the report, some 26 percent of these juvenile offenders are in prison not for crimes they themselves committed, but for offenses committed by their accomplices, who are often adults.’
    • ‘But what about parents of juvenile offenders - should they cough up the cash?’
    • ‘As to juvenile offenders, the Panel stated its advice in the following terms.’
    • ‘Judge Fitzmaurice also observed that, in the context of juvenile offenders, infliction of blows has never been regarded as degrading.’
    • ‘Of the 26 condemned juvenile offenders on death row in Texas, 11 are African-American, 10 are Hispanics and 4 are white.’
    • ‘In fact, the whole process of regulating delinquency on the streets and of informally disciplining juvenile offenders has received little historical treatment.’
    • ‘There was public outrage and it was argued by the press that he should not be allowed to cower behind the law protecting the identity of juvenile offenders and should be publicly disgraced.’
    • ‘The Committee recommended that the Home Office study carefully what further steps could be taken to strengthen the duties which may be placed upon the parents of juvenile offenders.’
    • ‘The registrar in that case was actually prosecuted for breach of the relevant legislation in that State that prohibited the publication or identification of the juvenile offender.’
    • ‘Second, expungement should be limited to juvenile offenders who commit less than three nonviolent crimes, unless the teenager remains crime-free for five years.’
    • ‘The White House was no doubt angered by the Supreme Court's ruling earlier this month striking down the death penalty for juvenile offenders.’
    • ‘Other homework may mimic the juvenile offender's social history, provide him or her with a different vision, or offer new coping skills.’
    • ‘It shouldn't join the 24 states that now permit juvenile offenders to face the death penalty.’
    • ‘Statistics from the Executive prove that the number of crimes linked to juvenile offenders has risen sharply in recent years.’
    • ‘The closure of Shanganagh Castle will leave large numbers of juvenile offenders languishing in closed prisons.’
    • ‘It said the other 19 states allow the death penalty for juvenile offenders, with five states setting age 17 as the minimum and with 14 states using age 16 as the minimum.’


juvenile offender

/ˈjo͞ovənl əˈfendər/