Definition of jut in US English:



  • 1no object, with adverbial Extend out, over, or beyond the main body or line of something.

    ‘a rock jutted out from the side of the bank’
    • ‘The view across the Firth of Forth to East Lothian is expansive, from North Berwick Law in the distance to the impressive Bass Rock jutting out of the Forth.’
    • ‘Hunter looked down over the cliff and smiled at a white rock jutting out of the cliff six feet below where he stood.’
    • ‘Why wasn't the granite washed clean like the rock outcrops we see jutting into the sea at the coast?’
    • ‘Her natural eyebrows had thinned with age, but they were darkened and thickened with great black pencil lines which jutted down the sides of her face.’
    • ‘Things that looked like scales and claws jutted from its body.’
    • ‘She then strolled lazily over to a section of the wall where a natural rock formation jutted outward beyond the polished stone wall.’
    • ‘The canyon was full of rocks that were jutting out of the walls.’
    • ‘It is similar to a xylophone but in the shape of a dancing woman, with arms and legs jutting out from the body of the instrument.’
    • ‘The live ordnance area was the island of Farallon di Medina, a half-mile-long chunk of rock jutting out of the ocean.’
    • ‘Towering over the beach is the magnificent headland of Ravenscar which juts out into the ocean like the bow of a ship.’
    • ‘Gannon slowed down and moved behind a large mineral rock that was jutting out of the ground at a near 90 degree angle.’
    • ‘At White Box, the concrete platform that juts out into the main space was set up as a walkway with railings, like a pier extending into the sea.’
    • ‘The logical location for a successful offensive was the salient that jutted into the German lines between the cities of Orel and Khar'kov.’
    • ‘There was a shelf of rock jutting out from the cliff and extending all along the sweep of the bay, providing a broken highway three to five yards wide.’
    • ‘Located 32 miles from the Utah desert town of Moab, the narrow rock peninsula juts jaggedly into canyon country, 2,000 feet above the Colorado River.’
    • ‘It is known for its massive rock formation that juts out from its calm water.’
    • ‘For a warm-up dive you could try Harbour Reef, a slab of rock that juts out into the sea, extending the south entrance wall of the harbour.’
    • ‘An outcrop of bare rocks jutting out of the hill, hewn into different shapes by eons of wind and rain, appeared like a sculpture gallery of Henry Moore.’
    • ‘Directing the driver to stop, she got out and looked down the deserted beach to a large array of rocks jutting out into the ocean.’
    • ‘Vacant gaps on the slopes are filled with deep blue-green clumps of vegetation and sculpted sandstone outcroppings jut from the ridge line in a continuation of the sea floor's tilt.’
    stick out, project, protrude, poke out, bulge out, overhang, beetle, beetle over, obtrude
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    1. 1.1with object Cause (something, such as one's chin) to protrude.
      ‘she put up her head and jutted out her chin with determination’
      • ‘A businessman in a suit, jutting jaw and stern posture, is at the head of the table.’
      • ‘Do we feel pride in Jeb because he swells his chest and resolutely juts his cleft chin?’
      • ‘Then he jumps to his feet and starts to sing it how he imagines it, clicking his fingers and jutting his chin out.’
      • ‘As a result, he would get the club ‘stuck’ behind his body and have to jut out his left hip and flick at the ball.’
      • ‘Her pigtails bounced into all directions, and her lower lip was jutted out, like she might cry.’


  • A point that sticks out.

    • ‘It was a sharp jut of rock on the top of a hill, a bare landscape amongst the tropics of the jungle.’
    • ‘The horizon, in all directions, seems to be perpetually bordered by a small jut of land, giving the impression of driving through a bowl.’
    • ‘Many black and silver belts twisted and hung to snuggle the smallness of his waist and the jut of his hips.’
    • ‘That night they camped in a natural shelter beneath a jut of the cliff, placing the cart and the fire between themselves and the forest.’
    • ‘It's also a handy disguise for that awkward little abdominal jut of mine, which no amount of stomach crunching will dispel.’
    • ‘And forgotten, too, the sharpened jut of his cheekbones and his chin, and the thinning high arch of his nose.’
    • ‘It felt like the Champs-Elysees, that view of a broad avenue with a leafy barrier, a real landscape, an open plain in a city of juts.’
    • ‘A tiny jut of skin hangs off her upper lip, as happens to mortals in the winter.’
    • ‘We rowed to the hulk from which it was planned to swim to the jut of the foreshore.’
    • ‘The Adas Sands were the Southern-most part of Vadanja, a huge jut of land into the Sapphire Oceans; long, dry plains of tall grasses and long beaches on the coastline.’
    • ‘There is a jut of rock level with that tree, which will lead us into the cavern where the stairwell is.’
    • ‘Chen recalled that when she attempted to grip the juts in the wall, both her leg and arm muscles started to tremble.’
    • ‘Not the color of his eyes or the jut of his chin, just the strawberry that transformed his face into a harlequin's mask.’
    • ‘Gently my fingers brushed against the side of her cheek, gingerly tracing a line from the soft curve to the gentle jut of her chin.’
    bump, lump, knob, hump, jut, projection, prominence, protuberance, overhang, eminence, ledge, shelf, ridge
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Mid 16th century: variant of jet.