Definition of justifiable homicide in US English:

justifiable homicide


  • The killing of a person in circumstances which allow the act to be regarded in law as without criminal guilt.

    • ‘A plea of justifiable homicide might result awkwardly for enforcement officers.’
    • ‘What we would classify as murder today was in some cases justifiable homicide, in others mandatory.’
    • ‘The criminal justice system instantly recognized the shooting as a justifiable homicide.’
    • ‘At the Coroner's Inquest a unanimous verdict of justifiable homicide was returned.’
    • ‘Indeed, it was a de facto ‘verdict’ of justifiable homicide.’
    • ‘And he was then not charged with any offence at all, because the law makes it quite clear that what he was engaged in doing amounts to justifiable homicide under the provisions I just spoke about.’
    • ‘The jury took just 20 minutes to hand in their verdict of justifiable homicide.’
    • ‘Consider, for example, self-defense, a form of justifiable homicide.’
    • ‘I would then have admitted the crime, retained myself for the defense… and entered a plea of justifiable homicide.’
    • ‘Their verdict, in effect, was a ruling of justifiable homicide.’


justifiable homicide