Definition of just about in US English:

just about


  • Almost exactly; nearly.

    ‘he can do just about anything’
    • ‘The medium seems to serve as a way to say just about anything and have the message picked up by the media.’
    • ‘The human mind is very flexible and will find ways to justify just about anything.’
    • ‘That obviously would be unacceptable to them, as it would be to just about anyone.’
    • ‘You can feast as never before; you can shop at all hours and you can buy just about anything.’
    • ‘There are links here to just about everything and anything to do with the periodic table.’
    • ‘He has a good understanding of rugby, and when he's on his game he can do just about anything.’
    • ‘In the end I could stand it no more and even though it was just about time to go to bed, I went and washed my hair.’
    • ‘It seems like some biotech companies will do just about anything to make a buck?’
    • ‘We watered them in, and we've been giving them a drink just about every day since.’
    • ‘Huntley was also a man who must have thought he could get away with just about anything.’
    nearly, almost, practically, all but, virtually, as good as, more or less, close to, nigh on, to all intents and purposes, not far off
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