Definition of junk science in English:

junk science


  • Untested or unproven theories when presented as scientific fact, especially in a court of law.

    • ‘In short, my hypothetical study would be properly dismissed as junk science because it fails to use even the most basic statistical controls and techniques.’
    • ‘In the past research that can only be described as junk science has been reported as fact by an uncritical media.’
    • ‘There might be lawyers who use junk science - theories that he or she knows have no acceptance among the scientific community.’
    • ‘I am not one to get overly-excited about junk science theories and am not prone to accepting all the peculiar goings-on with the paranormal.’
    • ‘It is my evaluation that the Greenhouse Theory is junk science, to put it bluntly.’
    • ‘It also doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this is junk science.’
    • ‘Let me just very quickly say that unfortunately for you, John, every day, including this week, we'll have more and more confirmation of what you call junk science by very reputable scientists.’
    • ‘It is time for the tort system, junk science, and the news media to face up to scientific evidence.’
    • ‘It is junk science that is unproven and the subject of much serious debate.’
    • ‘There is a remarkable reluctance among mainstream scientists and doctors to challenge junk science and expose its dangers, which are substantial.’


junk science