Definition of junk heap in US English:

junk heap


North American
  • 1An accumulation of discarded articles that are considered useless or of litle value.

    ‘wood-and-wire keyboards are finding their way into landfills and junk heaps’
    figurative ‘every person that attempted this ended up on the junk heap of history’
    • ‘As electronic instruments become more popular, wood-and-wire keyboards are finding their way into landfills and junk heaps.’
    • ‘"Second wind" could well describe the comeback of starting pitcher David Williams, who appeared headed for the junk heap at the age of 39.’
    • ‘Wood was gathered from the junk heap at a timber yard and the corrugated sheeting for the roof was picked up at a local reclamation yard.’
    • ‘By the time it's over, his car is ready for the junk heap, and viewers' nerves are frayed.’
    • ‘Basements can be magical places, or they can be junk heaps.’
    • ‘The application will officially be sent to the junk heap on July 19, but customers can request their data by tomorrow.’
    • ‘If there are no spare parts from the original manufacturers, the mechanics would scout for parts from used cars or junk heaps.’
    • ‘The fence was rescued from the junk heap five years ago.’
    • ‘At the start of the project, the field was a junk heap.’
    • ‘All machinery is on an irresistible march to the junk heap, and its progress, while it may be delayed, cannot be prevented by repairs.’
    1. 1.1 An old or dilapidated car.
      ‘a kid in a junk heap honked and gave me two thumbs up’