Definition of junior varsity in US English:

junior varsity


North American
  • 1A team representing a high school or college at the level below varsity in a sport or other competition.

    ‘the junior varsity was made up of sophomores’
    as modifier ‘the junior varsity squad’
    • ‘Many schools also offer a full Junior Varsity schedule for their players in the second 10 on their line-up.’
    • ‘He is told he is not ready and he is sent to the junior varsity team for two years.’
    • ‘Wesley was thoroughly American, a cornerback on his high school's junior varsity football team.’
    • ‘He also coached boys' and girls' junior high basketball, junior high football, and junior varsity baseball.’
    • ‘But the team piles up the points by taking part in lots of tournaments, mostly at the novice and junior varsity level.’
    • ‘In 1947 he transferred to the University of Michigan, where he played football on the junior varsity squad.’
    • ‘Not only did he fail to make the Washington varsity, he also failed to make the junior varsity.’
    • ‘At the time, 1991, Mick was the junior varsity coach at Woodward High, a Cincinnati public school.’
    • ‘That's simply unacceptable for a junior varsity team, much less a team with Super Bowl aspirations.’
    • ‘His first year at SFU was highlighted by securing a spot on the junior varsity basketball team.’
    1. 1.1as modifier Of lesser significance or proficiency.
      ‘they use distortion pedals to mask their junior varsity musicianship’
      • ‘The band's debut comes across like a junior varsity KILLER'S KISS, with the same sort of big 2-guitar sound, handclaps and snaky keyboards that scream "beer run!"’
      • ‘Leading with an incongruous, junior varsity tribute to Markus Popp, "Always Alone" presents a scratched-up, stripped-down remix of Manual's by-now familiar guitar and synth moans.’
      • ‘"You don't have to view them as junior varsity politicians to see that their political views and economic predilections have some influence on what they do," said Jeff Shesol, whose most recent book chronicled the New Deal battles between the Supreme Court and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.’
      • ‘The mindless, sloganeering choruses of their drum machine ditties approximate a junior varsity Andrew WK cover band, and their headbanger junkie image - real or not - is laughed offstage.’
      • ‘Their first full-length album houses only a pair of questionable junior varsity elements.’
      • ‘One of the reporters just said that the country was part of the "junior varsity Axis of Evil."’