Definition of jump lead in US English:

jump lead


  • Each of a pair of thick electric cables fitted with clips at either end, used for starting a vehicle by connecting its dead battery to the battery of another vehicle; a jumper cable.

    • ‘No problem I thought, as I grabbed the jump leads and opened the bonnets of both cars.’
    • ‘And my car is usually on the receiving end of the jump leads, so I'm not sure it would be any use.’
    • ‘I got into the habit of starting it up with jump leads every time I needed it.’
    • ‘However, the engine roared into life with suitable application of jump leads to the empty space once occupied by a battery.’
    • ‘It is also recommended to carry a jack, jump leads, spare fuses and a torch.’


jump lead

/ˈjəmp ˌlēd/