Definition of July in US English:



  • The seventh month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the second month of summer.

    ‘I had a letter from him in July’
    as modifier ‘one hot July afternoon in 1981’
    • ‘The pupils will depart on their adventure at the start of the summer holiday in July.’
    • ‘In July last year he was kidnapped and spent two weeks in terror believing his life was to end.’
    • ‘Last July he promised to get tough on British prices if they were seen as uncompetitive.’
    • ‘The rainy season can be iffy from April to July and the summers are extremely hot.’
    • ‘The wasps will soon start coming out from July to October, which will keep us busy.’
    • ‘Other parts of the building will be shut at different times between July and October.’
    • ‘Plans for an official policy are expected to go to the executive committee in June or July.’
    • ‘In July evening flights of swifts wheeling high over our garden are a regular feature.’
    • ‘What we looked at for month after month from July to April, was shiny lines on a black surface.’
    • ‘Spawning takes place at night in June and July when the fish move into shallow weedy water.’
    • ‘The cold and wet weather in late June and early July may have helped boost bookings.’
    • ‘From July, you will no longer be able to claim the full tax relief in the year the investment is made.’
    • ‘Of the ten door staff who work for me, eight of them took the course in June and July.’
    • ‘In July this year the bank said it would close the business having failed to find a buyer.’
    • ‘Other social activities include a wildlife walk and a July trip to the Isle of Wight.’
    • ‘By July the only thing that had not changed in that plan was the match in Adelaide.’
    • ‘In July they were freed from their bail and no charges have been brought against either of them.’
    • ‘It appeared in my July column because it arrived rather late from the distributor.’
    • ‘Fans will be pleased to know an extra nine gigs have been added to the tour in June and July.’
    • ‘Work is expected to start this week and be finished by the second week in July next year.’


Middle English: from Latin Julius (mensis) ‘(month) of July’, named after Julius Caesar.