Definition of juice box in US English:

juice box


  • A small disposable carton containing a single serving of fruit juice or fruit drink.

    ‘only juice boxes (no cans, no bottles) are allowed in the cafeteria’
    • ‘I crumpled up my empty juice box and stared at it for a minute before putting it back into my paper bag.’
    • ‘The long built-in bench next to the fridge offers extra storage and an out-of-the-way spot to sip a juice box.’
    • ‘I managed to grab my orange juice box before it slipped out of my hands and crashed on the floor.’
    • ‘Luke angrily stabbed his sugar-free juice box with the plastic straw, missing the hole every time.’
    • ‘Growling, she grabbed her juice box and squirted the nearest girl with it.’
    • ‘I crushed the cardboard juice box, threw it away, and trotted after Rachael.’
    • ‘The show ended and a commercial for a new juice box came on the screen.’
    • ‘For some reason, they both get a huge kick out of planning for things like the number of juice boxes needed to hydrate the entire fourth grade class.’
    • ‘They handed out box dinners complete with sandwich, juice box, chips, and candy bar.’
    • ‘She took a sip of her juice box, and glanced at him warily.’
    • ‘With a groan I got up and extinguished the juice box, tossing it into my little trash receptacle.’
    • ‘I'm really disappointed with your article on juice boxes.’
    • ‘I watch as Ellie grabs a juice box, and then her pill case.’
    • ‘Elliot gave her a chipper greeting and handed her a juice box.’
    • ‘Jane fiddled with the plastic covering her sandwich and took a sip from her grape juice box.’
    • ‘As she said this, she got up, went to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of juice and a smaller juice box.’
    • ‘If you look on the bench over there, there's a juice box and a snack for all of you.’
    • ‘All we have left is the juice box but it is just enough!’
    • ‘‘I didn't know you were such a good dancer,’ Andy said, taking a small sip from his juice box.’
    • ‘‘Far from it,’ she snorted, draining her juice box.’