Definition of juggler in US English:



  • 1An entertainer who continuously tosses into the air and catches a number of objects so as to keep at least one in the air while handling the others.

    ‘a circus juggler’
    • ‘It was too early for the skateboarders, roller-bladers, skaters and punks, the jugglers and the musicians.’
    • ‘He eventually found work with a carnival, and later made his way into vaudeville as a juggler.’
    • ‘What's a circus without trained animals, jugglers or clowns?’
    • ‘He flings bottles in the air like a juggler.’
    • ‘On Sunday nights at sunset, the locals put on a drum circle with fire jugglers on the beach.’
    • ‘First-time jugglers are advised to hold off on the chain saws.’
    • ‘We stopped for a while to watch a juggler.’
    • ‘This circus doesn't want standard-issue acrobats, jugglers, or trapeze artists.’
    • ‘Did you have to become an expert juggler for the role?’
    • ‘On the right a male juggler is intent on keeping three balls in the air.’
    1. 1.1 A person who adroitly balances several activities.
      ‘you will need to be a deft juggler of competing priorities and tight deadlines’
      • ‘By the 1990s, marketing to women evolved once again, this time reflecting women's "soccer mom" role as head juggler of career and family.’
      • ‘While I feel sometimes like I'm the juggler in a circus, I know that smart marketing and advertising have helped us to continue in business, even in these rough times.’
      • ‘Bismarck has been described by historians as a political juggler who could keep swinging half a dozen balls in his hands simultaneously.’
      • ‘in acting you have make-believe and reality side by side, and you have to discover the way those two things are balanced - so you could say I'm like a juggler, doing a balancing act.’
      • ‘Editing the magazine calls for the skills of a juggler.’
      • ‘A lot of people are jugglers, but what sets her apart is that she can come at problem 25 with the same unflappable nature and same style she does with problem number one.’
      • ‘Successful jugglers choose to delegate more responsibilities at this point.’
      • ‘The director is a juggler in this movie, trying to keep a hundred different balls, a hundred different plot lines and characters, in the air.’
      • ‘The president is going to have to be such a juggler.’
      • ‘She is one of the better story jugglers in the business today, but this time she has too many balls in the air at one time.’