Definition of judicial in US English:



  • Of, by, or appropriate to a court or judge.

    ‘a judicial inquiry into the allegations’
    ‘a judicial system’
    • ‘The next day, he promised a judicial inquiry into the cause of the accident.’
    • ‘The Constitution will give it a common foreign policy and a common judicial system.’
    • ‘They are part of the process of judicial interpretation of the law, which is a developing process.’
    • ‘It would thus be expensive both to the parties and to the resources of the judicial system.’
    • ‘The intention in such cases is that there shall be a judicial inquiry worked out in a judicial manner.’
    • ‘Judicial protection in Punjab improved and many people were using the judicial system.’
    • ‘I would take judicial notice of that and would expect justices to do the same.’
    • ‘The first question is whether at the time of the negligent act or omission a judicial process existed.’
    • ‘This measure flies in the face of judicial efforts to insist on disclosure of evidence.’
    • ‘These days judges read academic articles as part of their ordinary judicial activity.’
    • ‘It would be an abuse of the judicial process to allow proceedings to be repetitive.’
    • ‘It is achieved by a conventional process of judicial construction of legislation.’
    • ‘The judicial decision ought to provide the best answer not a range of alternative answers.’
    • ‘In such a situation, the grant of judicial power to provincial appointees is valid.’
    • ‘There thus exists the possibility of conflicting judicial opinion at the highest level.’
    • ‘As I have already pointed out, this is not the position in the case of a judicial development of the law.’
    • ‘There is now clear judicial authority as to how overall bias is to be judged.’
    • ‘These statutory changes took place in a period of judicial activism in this area which had relaxed the law.’
    • ‘Such fairness demands a fair judicial process administered by an impartial judiciary.’
    • ‘This mental torment may become acute when the judicial verdict is finally set against the accused.’
    legal, judiciary, juridical, judicatory, forensic, jurisdictive
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Judicial means 'relating to judgment and the administration of justice': the judicial system; judicial robes. Do not confuse it with judicious, which means 'prudent, reasonable': getting off the highway the minute you felt tired was a judicious choice. Judiciary refers to the judicial branch of government, the court system, or judges collectively


Late Middle English: from Latin judicialis, from judicium ‘judgement’, from judex (see judge).