Definition of Judgment Day in US English:

Judgment Day


  • The time of the Last Judgment; the end of the world.

    • ‘On Judgment Day this type of martyr will appear with his drawn sword lying on his shoulder and he will be treated with greater honor than prophets and will dwell in whatever part of paradise he wishes.’
    • ‘Or, if they choose to continue on their present course on the road to obliteration, they can take it up with God when they face Him on the Judgment Day.’
    • ‘But how are God's true servants also going to be responsible for ‘what is written in the books’ that will be read on the Judgment Day from which others will be condemned to the lake of fire?’
    • ‘There will need to be only one Witness at the Judgment Day, one that can never be mistaken, one that can not be deceived, one that can tell only the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.’
    • ‘When Judgement Day comes, I'm just going to be relying on a whole lot of fast talking and a winning smile.’
    • ‘I do not believe John Paul II will face a Judgement Day in ‘Heaven’.’
    • ‘He ostensibly repents, and Baldwin cleverly alludes to the Judgment Day in portraying his conversion.’
    • ‘Meditate much on the solemnity of death, the certainty of Judgment Day, the vastness of eternity, and the fixed states of heaven and hell.’
    • ‘When Judgment Day comes, I'll probably wish to be elsewhere, but then God does manage to ruin a lot of good parties.’
    • ‘Similarly, Christians believed in a Judgment Day that would bring time to an end.’
    • ‘The all-important ‘assembler breakthrough’ is akin to a Second Coming or a Judgment Day.’
    • ‘He saw the end of the world and the Judgement Day.’
    • ‘On Judgement Day I'd rather be labelled a do-gooder than an evil-doer.’
    • ‘If there is a God, if there is a Judgement Day, then they will get theirs.’
    • ‘Critical parents will have so much to answer for on the Judgment Day.’
    • ‘But he's no ordinary televangelist, preaching hell and damnation, repentance and Judgement Day.’
    • ‘Let him anticipate the Judgment Day, and in spirit stand before the Throne and propose, if he dares, the question to God Almighty.’
    • ‘Eight in ten Americans say prayer is an important part of their daily lives and believe in a Judgment Day when people will be called before God to answer for their sins.’
    • ‘These stones seem to represent a bed in which the deceased can more easily rise when God appears from the east on the Judgment Day to save the chosen ones from eternal damnation.’
    • ‘On the Judgment Day, when all gather, O God do not put me in company with him.’


Judgment Day

/ˈjəjmənt dā/