Definition of judder in English:



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  • (especially of something mechanical) shake and vibrate rapidly and with force.

    ‘the steering wheel juddered in his hand’
    • ‘The engine judders quite violently but does not start for some time.’
    • ‘The plane juddered skyward, helped no doubt by the mental efforts of 100 twitchy passengers willing it into the air.’
    • ‘As the ABS anti-lock braking system juddered into action and the car stood on its nose, so I became aware that the seatbelt had tightened into a real bearhug, keeping me tight in the seat.’
    • ‘Without even seeing my room, I chase after my taxi, and within minutes we are juddering through the warm spring evening and neon-lit streets which wind down to the harbour.’
    • ‘The machine juddered and shook violently sometimes inching across the kitchen floor.’
    • ‘Also, again regardless of the revs, the car judders and shudders violently upon the engagement of 1st gear.’
    • ‘Jo said: ‘I woke up at about 8am and everything was juddering, which must have been the earthquake.’’
    • ‘We expected to see great convoys of lorries and trucks emblazoned with UN initials juddering down the coastal road bearing relief and building materials.’
    • ‘Then suddenly, as if I'd thought too soon, there was a terrific pull backwards, and we were all thrown forwards in our seats as the train juddered to a sudden halt.’
    • ‘We had to be strapped into our seats because they tilted and bucked and juddered in response to the action on the large screen.’
    • ‘Then James saw his friend's shoulders begin to shake, juddering up and down and suddenly Jenni was crying into his chest.’
    • ‘Nasa has said that it will not fly another shuttle until it has pinpointed why solid foam cladding juddered off the external fuel tank during lift-off last month.’
    • ‘The glider dips and banks, the joystick juddering in my hand.’
    • ‘Greg hit the emergency stop button and as the lift juddered to a halt, said my name very gently.’
    • ‘It has a very soft pedal and judders on take-off.’
    • ‘The bus juddered a final time before gaining the safety of tarmac.’
    • ‘‘He mounted the kerb and juddered forward and back,’ he told magistrates.’
    • ‘He let the slope on the driveway pull him down to the level pavement, juddering over the stony concrete.’
    • ‘Just listen to the engine, run it round the block a few times and if it doesn't judder too much in third, hand over your pocket change.’
    • ‘She collided with the corner of it, causing an almighty bang as it juddered across the lino, and probably scaring the life out of those in the other room.’
    quiver, shake, tremble, quaver, waver, shiver, shudder, judder, jiggle, wobble
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  • An instance of rapid and forceful shaking and vibration.

    ‘the car gave a judder’
    • ‘A 90-minute drive will generate a lot of heat in the clutch, causing the friction plates - which move together to engage drive - to warp, hence the judder.’
    • ‘But the judder is always there, as though we were watching the film from the bed of a pickup truck traveling on a gravel road.’
    • ‘When the actors huddle together to evoke an elephant or judder and shake to simulate a moving train, they do it with tact rather than as if expecting us to be bowled over by their skill.’
    • ‘It's the driver's skill, not the different country, that decides whether it's just a bump or a horrible judder!’
    • ‘But today, as I set to the grass and weeds there was a mighty judder, and instead of purring like a tiger as it should it began growling like a wounded hyena.’
    • ‘Most women remember a good sports bra, but forget that treadmill jogging sends rhythmic judders rippling through ample bottoms.’
    • ‘Occasionally there was a judder as some obstruction was struck.’
    • ‘A judder like an electrical pulse sped through Ferdinand's veins from his finger to his heart like a capsule being podded from one floor of a shop to another.’
    • ‘But I know, any moment, she is going to look round, and my heart sinks with a judder into the pit of my stomach.’
    • ‘And she's as jumpy as a sack full of rabbits, while running around Britain's Most Haunted Houses - the night vision picking up every squeal, nervous tic and judder that she can give out.’
    • ‘He awoke to a subliminal judder and then a hollow, deep boom that rocked through the fortress and was not so much heard as felt.’
    • ‘The transfer is overly soft, and the image suffers from constant judder.’
    • ‘Once the judder settles down, the film becomes more watchable, but no one is likely to praise the clear video quality.’
    • ‘The doors immediately slid shut, and with a shake and a judder, the floor beneath them lurched.’
    • ‘He also suggested that there will be no judder on the cars people actually buy.’
    • ‘The Nexus, you will be glad to hear, seems to be working again - although not without the odd judder and near-collapse.’
    • ‘Luckily not a single judder or unevenness of movement occurred and the next day the ‘rushes’ indicated that the job had been completed successfully - and not before time.’
    • ‘But even as he did so, a great judder ran through the lift, and it stopped moving.’
    • ‘The poles' rotation unevenness and movement judder are caused by several processes.’
    • ‘In addition, some slight judder remains, an artifact of the transfer process.’
    quiver, quivering, shake, shaking, shaking movement, quaver, quavering, quake, quaking, tremble, trembling, tremor, judder, shiver, shivering, shudder, shuddering
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1930s: imitative; compare with shudder.