Definition of joystick in US English:



  • 1The control column of an aircraft.

    • ‘While it's possible to run most of today's sims from the keyboard, their realism improves dramatically with a joystick.’
    • ‘As Fox twisted a joystick the plane tilted; a blue arrow showed the part of the lift that was directed inwards.’
    • ‘The XL2's handling is quick with conventional joysticks for roll and pitch, but not so brisk as to be touchy.’
    • ‘The pilot straps himself to this bulky rig in a standing position, controlling it with joysticks during vertical takeoff and landing - or VTOL, as we say in the hover biz.’
    • ‘A conventional joystick controls pitch and roll, and the rudder pedals are large and effective.’
    • ‘The computers get their marching orders from the pilot by means of a pair of joysticks, but they won't wait for the pilot's slow reflexes to kick in before taking any necessary corrective action.’
    • ‘The pilot flies using a pair of joysticks that control the engines on the aircraft, which made its maiden voyage in December 2001.’
    • ‘It was a tandem-seated airplane with a control wheel up front and a joystick in the back.’
    • ‘Shields took co-pilot, and once he strapped in, Mitchell pulled back on the joystick, lifting the helicopter off the ground.’
    • ‘Abruptly, he pushes forward on the joystick again and the glider drops.’
    • ‘The joystick allows the winchman to adjust the position of the aircraft in regard to the rescuees.’
    • ‘Target acquisition is achieved by using the joystick to steer the sight manually or with automatic tracking.’
    • ‘He gritted his teeth and wrestled with the joystick in a vain effort to regain control of his crippled craft.’
    • ‘The investigators have recommended the removal of dual control joysticks for all non-training flights.’
    • ‘But I pulled the wrong thing, instead of the throttle I tilted the joystick.’
    • ‘Pilots use two keyboards and a joystick to fly the craft, and they have to learn the key strokes similar to the old DOS commands of first generation computers.’
    1. 1.1 A lever that can be moved in several directions to control the movement of an image on a computer or similar display screen.
      • ‘For a game that supports the mouse, the menu screen forces you to use a gamepad / joystick or keyboard to navigate.’
      • ‘Personally, I prefer the joystick, on a game controller, on the left.’
      • ‘In contrast, other devices available in the market cannot compete with the simplicity and total control that these joysticks have to offer.’
      • ‘When it comes to choosing a joystick for your computer, there's really nothing like getting into the shops and getting a bit of hands-on experience.’
      • ‘Computer games allow joysticks and controllers to change a point of view in response to player actions.’
      • ‘There is no reason to initialize the joystick or CD-ROM if you are not going to use them.’
      • ‘And all I ever wanted was for my life to mirror that of all the grand adventures I ever read about or directed with a joystick or keyboard.’
      • ‘Until now, the only way to delve deeper into a screen is to push forward on a control pad or joystick, or to move a mouse forward.’
      • ‘Everyone who has a computer has a keyboard, but not everyone has a joystick or gamepad.’
      • ‘In another section of customs violations - under-declared value - quite recently customs officers managed to disclose a case with imports of computer joysticks.’
      • ‘While there is the ability to use a joystick, the keyboard is a better choice to let you pull some hot skate moves.’
      • ‘I have the option of controlling with keyboard, joystick, mouse, gamepad, or wheel.’
      • ‘The joystick also controls playback: nudge it up for play/pause, down for stop.’
      • ‘Other methods of control include keyboard and joystick and all methods are fully customizable.’
      • ‘You may recall that rotary joysticks have handles that rotate to 12 different positions, designed for aiming in certain games.’
      • ‘Let a child play a computer game with a joystick and he will go on for hours.’
      • ‘The game can be played entirely with cursor keys, but joysticks and gamepads also are supported.’
      • ‘You can opt to use a joystick or keyboard but the default is using a mouse and I found it more than adequate in handling the game's action.’
      • ‘But sports titles, racing games, fighting games and certain types of flying games work better with gamepads, simple joysticks and wheels.’
      • ‘The controls can be mapped to the mouse, a joystick or a gamepad.’
      handle, grip, pull, switch, key, knob
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