Definition of joss stick in US English:

joss stick


  • A thin stick consisting of a substance that burns slowly and with a fragrant smell, used as incense.

    • ‘It's a Chinese tradition to have a joss stick counter outside their temples, so devotees can light them and leave when there is no time to actually walk in and pray.’
    • ‘However, smoking is not the only way that cannabis can be consumed, it can be baked into cakes and biscuits, made into tea or even just burned in a room like a joss stick, all of which are harmless.’
    • ‘Bowing down, they will burn joss sticks and pray for blessings and protection.’
    • ‘The fire started in Cemetery Road last night when a plant pot caught fire after a joss stick was left unattended.’
    • ‘Some people spent more than 400,000 yuan to gain the right to plant the first joss stick in various temples.’
    • ‘And with it, the scent of fame and glamour and money wafted under her nose, pungent and alluring as any joss stick.’


joss stick

/ˈdʒɑs stɪk//ˈjäs stik/