Definition of join hands in US English:

join hands


  • 1Hold each other's hands.

    • ‘The five children all stared longingly at each other, and joined hands in a small circle.’
    • ‘Once every one was seated again, Brandon and Chasity joined hands and smiled at each other.’
    • ‘Participants joined hands and sang ‘We Are The World,’ ‘America the Beautiful,’ and the Hands Across America theme.’
    • ‘Before eating, everyone forms up in two circles, facing each other, joins hands and chants ‘Aum’, the Indian mantra.’
    • ‘The food arrived, piping hot; they joined hands and sat together in silence, their wet clothes beginning to dry.’
    • ‘They came together shortly before the service and spontaneously joined hands under a gray sky.’
    • ‘Partners face each other, join hands, and form a long ‘tunnel.’’
    • ‘I witness the pledging of this man and woman, that they have joined hands and sworn to each other.’
    • ‘We feel that if we join hands and pray together we can make a difference.’
    • ‘About 200 people screamed this chant, joined hands and attempted to promote unity on campus yesterday outside Willard Building.’
    1. 1.1 Work together.
      ‘education has been shy to join hands with business’
      • ‘Ma broached the idea of Toronto and Taipei joining hands to inform each other on the latest SARS information.’
      • ‘We need to create a culture of tolerance and forgiveness and join hands together as one nation.’
      • ‘Until about 1720, Dutch ethnics married within the group, worshiped together, and joined hands for economic and political objectives.’
      • ‘‘The North and South must unite, joining hands to help each other and protect the sovereignty of our people,’ he said.’
      • ‘For some time Mr Birender Singh even joined hands with his bête noire, Mr Bhajan Lal, to get even with Mr Hooda.’
      • ‘After joining hands to arrest and jail Monk Tim Sakhorn, the next logical step is to join hands to boost tourism in the Indochinese Federation’
      • ‘HKUST joins hands with Lenovo and Microsoft to launch ‘Student Subsidy Program’.’
      • ‘How have Vinton and Turpin joined hands to knead together art and commerce, creativity and discipline?’
      • ‘Furthermore, multiracial congregations can powerfully join hands to resist racism together.’
      • ‘People of all walks of life including women, children and school students joined hands in the work.’