Definition of jobbie in US English:



  • with modifier An object or product of a specified kind.

    ‘the room was a no-frills jobbie’
    • ‘For your €54,890 start price, you get a very healthy 163 bhp from your 2-litre, five-cylinder jobbie, that gets you from 0-60 in just under ten.’
    • ‘Back then, I could have busted five hips, and the doctors would fix me up with a nice plastic jobbie faster than I could provide my OHIP number.’
    • ‘The 64-bit jobbie, Clawhammer, is out and about sometime next year.’
    • ‘My old digital camera might have been bulky but it was bloody efficient and was more like a proper 35 mm jobbie.’
    • ‘Pine was also showing an MP3 player V a curious circular jobbie called the Palmp - 3.’
    • ‘They were little cork-and-string jobbies you could barely see.’
    • ‘It's one of those wireless jobbies and I was really looking forward to getting home and trying it out.’
    • ‘This is the 2 litre direct injection jobbie you find in various other VWs and Audis and it's normally not bad.’
    • ‘So it's back to boring old bog-standard Nokia-supplied grey jobbie until I find a groovy new matt black one to replace it.’
    • ‘Just pick off the little round jobbies, and give yourself invisible gold stars for going with the flow.’
    • ‘Dyant seems to sort out the black ones while Dynest has best results on the brown jobbies.’
    • ‘‘It's a good thing you didn't buy that $20 jobbie,’ he immediately explained.’
    • ‘He had become a complete art house junky who preferred a long, boring foreign jobbie to my Stallone pictures.’
    • ‘It's one of those 50 question jobbies that you email to all your friends.’
    • ‘As to the differences between my Italian jobbie and the new version, they seem to be significant.’
    • ‘When I arrived in London 20 years ago, they sold fruit in the streets here - now it's plastic jobbies!’