Definition of job creation scheme in US English:

job creation scheme


  • 1A government plan to provide new opportunities for paid employment, especially for those who are unemployed.

    ‘new roads have been built connecting large industrial and commercial developments as part of the job creation scheme’
    • ‘There may well be demands for an expansion of the rural job creation scheme or write-offs of farmers' debts.’
    • ‘France has already pledged billions of euros for job creation schemes that economists say may only bring a shallow improvement.’
    • ‘They need further training and job creation schemes to ensure all youths have the opportunity to use their talents.’
    • ‘The mayor has revealed details of proposals he hopes will unlock millions of pounds of Government cash for job creation schemes.’
    • ‘She would still be jobless if it were not for a job creation scheme that employs her at an elderly care home.’
    • ‘His government focused more on redistribution of India's new wealth via job creation schemes.’
    • ‘Council leaders say the £250million investment would secure a major job creation scheme for advanced manufacturing and logistics/warehousing.’
    • ‘An economist suggested that the latest rise in the jobless total was largely due to a winding down of job creation schemes.’
    • ‘He has opposed every single job creation scheme the government has come up with.’
    • ‘Any job creation scheme must have a serious training element or it can't lead anywhere.’
    1. 1.1derogatory Used in reference to a project or enterprise regarded as serving mainly to keep someone busy and of little value in itself.
      ‘yet another job creation scheme for politicians’
      ‘these organizations have become little more than job creation schemes’