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  • Seek employment.

    ‘he was given advice on job-hunting’
    • ‘I find the job-hunting task to be an exceptionally frustrating and difficult experience.’
    • ‘While I'm digging holes in Mayo I don't really have the will to go job-hunting, nor do I have the opportunity so much.’
    • ‘Remember, your headhunter is your trusted advocate in job-hunting.’
    • ‘That was evident before his speech, when South Council attendees introduced themselves and several said they were job-hunting.’
    • ‘A woman in her 60s who came to Shanghai looking for a job as maid has been cheated on her first job-hunting day.’
    • ‘With luck, I won't even have to try the more traditional job-hunting avenues.’
    • ‘At least I won't have to go job-hunting when I get home.’
    • ‘She was also hungry and wanted to go job-hunting.’
    • ‘I did not have such a bad experience on my later forays into job-hunting.’
    • ‘For University students who feel they may have left their job-hunting a little late, Dr Marsh does have some reassurance.’
    • ‘He would accept a transfer to any AlliedSignal site in the world, but Boe didn't want to go job-hunting as he came off disability.’
    • ‘Considering how hard you've worked to prepare yourself for job-hunting, why spoil your chances by presenting a resume with easily detected flaws?’
    • ‘Others in my predicament were job-hunting or drinking at a bar.’
    • ‘Stefan, who lived with his dad in Winton, had just finished a training course with the Prince's Trust and was preparing to start job-hunting.’
    • ‘Given the keen competition even for entry-level positions, what is the best approach to job-hunting?’
    • ‘The 49-year-old father-of-two was appalled after reading about an agency who asked Miss Everett if she was job-hunting for her son.’
    • ‘I was offered a room in London and moved there, figuring that was as good a place as any to start job-hunting.’
    • ‘Any data are good data when you're job-hunting.’
    • ‘In three years of job-hunting, he applied for 168 vacancies, but only had 22 interviews.’
    • ‘The survey also found that over 30 per cent of those surveyed thought figure and looks counted in job-hunting.’