Definition of job-share in US English:



[no object]
  • (of two part-time employees) jointly do a full-time job, sharing the remuneration.

    ‘some employers will not allow you to job-share’
    ‘there are opportunities for job-sharing’
    • ‘The RAC has engaged and employed two individuals who job-share the duties of the trial coordinator.’
    • ‘Sarah is a job-sharing primary-school teacher, and Gavin runs his own heating and plumbing business.’
    • ‘Measures like maternity leave for working mums, the right to return to work part-time, job-sharing are all important.’
    • ‘There needs to be a radical overhaul of the system to increase job-sharing and to give people incentives to work full-time.’
    • ‘‘One of our main difficulties in relation to the job-sharing scheme was making provision for pension service calculation,’ said Sullivan.’
    • ‘In a job-sharing agreement, two part-time employees share one full-time job.’
    • ‘My own wife was able to come back into the teaching profession on a part-time basis, job-sharing with another person, so I have first-hand experience of the matter.’
    • ‘Today, a more sophisticated workforce is seeking more flexible use of time - part-time work, job-sharing and contract work are fast becoming the norm.’
    • ‘All 17 companies offer employees telecommuting and job-sharing options; 16 offer flextime.’
    • ‘In addition, we have a very successful job-sharing program.’
    • ‘The afternoon sees you implementing child care and job-sharing facilities for both sexes.’
    • ‘Of course, the demand for a shorter standard working week and job-sharing without loss of wage income is a radical demand on capitalism.’
    • ‘However, job-sharing enables them to do a job they enjoy and gain great satisfaction from and balance their home life as well.’
    • ‘All tended to welcome worker requests for flexible hours and job-sharing.’
    • ‘You could offer job-sharing so that a new mom can have her job, and her baby, too.’
    • ‘Who might seek out a part-time or job-sharing position?’


  • An arrangement in which two people share the work and pay of a single full-time job.

    ‘she was working in a job-share at the research department’
    • ‘There are also 11,000 working for the council part-time or on job-share agreements.’
    • ‘Some, including a GP, a consultant, and a psychiatric nurse, have reduced their hours by going part-time or finding a job-share.’
    • ‘The winning companies will use their share of the funding for things like job-shares, flexible working locations and hours.’
    • ‘Australia would not be the first to inquire, but they would be the furthest, as Hiddink, 59, knew once he negotiated a peculiar job-share arrangement.’
    • ‘The review means 70 positions will be lost, but as many of these are staffed on a job-share basis, about 150 people will lose their jobs.’
    • ‘Employment of several Reserves in a given position on a job-share basis is encouraged, as it will give a broader base for any surge or sustainment requirement.’
    • ‘The Castleisland woman and the colleague with whom she job-shares could be up for redundancy on December 5.’
    • ‘Ms Scott said Carol would be contacted if any of the 18 dropped out, or if any full-time Terry's employee asked to join the job-share scheme.’
    • ‘We have the technology and job-shares happen in the real world of work.’
    • ‘With rumours rife that Alex McLeish is about to depart Easter Road for West Ham, could the Hibees be about to experiment with an inventive job-share?’
    • ‘At the end of each of her two maternity leaves, she returned to a job-share situation, working three days a week.’
    • ‘But they didn't tell the owner or - more importantly - the IRS about their job-share.’
    • ‘The new outreach worker, a post currently being staffed on a job-share basis, will hold advice sessions starting in the New Year.’
    • ‘It is interesting that when the issue of work-life balance is discussed, the solution always seems to involve job-share, or some other type of part-time working.’
    • ‘In my situation, when my job-share partner and I released the other half of our positions, our department created a new position.’



/ˈdʒɑb ˌʃɛ(ə)r//ˈjäb ˌSHe(ə)r/