Definition of jinn in US English:


(also djinn, jinni)


  • (in Arabian and Muslim mythology) an intelligent spirit of lower rank than the angels, able to appear in human and animal forms and to possess humans.

    Compare with genie
    • ‘Many Muslims believe in jinns, spirits who can change shape and be either visible or invisible.’
    • ‘Some of these places include uninhabited sites, places where an array of spirit beings including jinn and ghosts are believed to reside.’
    • ‘As he watched Sophia dance, Muammar wondered if the others dancing with her were only jinns, evil spirits.’
    • ‘These spirits, or jinns, can be either good or evil.’
    • ‘Fearing that the jinn had possessed her, her mother took her to an exorcist, a middle age man who confirmed that the girl was indeed possessed.’


From Arabic jinnī, plural jinn.