Definition of jimson weed in US English:

jimson weed

(also jimpson weed)


North American
  • 1A strong-smelling poisonous datura with large, trumpet-shaped white flowers and toothed leaves, which has become a weed of waste ground in many countries.

    Datura stramonium, family Solanaceae

    British term thorn apple
    • ‘Eliza apparently found foxglove, henbane, and jimson weed growing in Serena's pleasant little garden.’
    • ‘Four teenagers consumed hallucinogenic and poisonous jimson weed Thursday night and were hospitalized with fast heartbeats and impaired vision.’
    • ‘This species also includes tobacco, poisonous belladonna, and the toxic plants herbane, mandrake, and jimson weeds.’
    • ‘Datura is jimson weed and these ornamental plants with the large, white, bell-like flowers.’
    • ‘And I found out that jimson weed is also called Datura and has been in use as a shamanic psychotropic substance, and a folk medicine forever.’
    • ‘They spared no opprobrium in describing jimson weed as ‘a true weed… vile smelling and generally obnoxious.’’
    1. 1.1 The prickly fruit of the jimson weed, which resembles that of a horse chestnut.


Late 17th century (originally as Jamestown weed): named after Jamestown in Virginia.


jimson weed

/ˈjimsən ˌwēd//ˈdʒɪmsən ˌwid/