Definition of Jicarilla in US English:


nounPlural Jicarillas

  • 1A member of an Apache people of northern New Mexico.

    • ‘My mother is half Puerto Rican - her father was born in San Juan Puerto Rico and her mother was born in Taos, New Mexico on the Jicarilla Apache reservation.’
    • ‘Later materials include one rim sherd from a Jicarilla micaceous-ware vessel that dates to roughly A.D.1720-1750 and Euroamerican items.’
    • ‘Nonetheless some Apaches, notably the Jicarillas, became friends and allies of the Spanish.’
  • 2The Athabaskan language of the Jicarilla.

    • ‘The Southwestern Athapascan language has seven dialects: Navajo, Western Apache, Chiricahua, Mescalero, Jicarilla, Lipan, and Kiowa-Apache.’
    • ‘The last thousand speakers of Jicarilla Apache have such concern over the loss of their language that some are working with a University of New Mexico linguist to compile a dictionary.’


  • Relating to the Jicarilla or their language.

    • ‘When the first Jicarilla tribal council was elected, ten of its 18 members were medicine men and five others were traditional leaders from chiefs' families.’


Mexican Spanish: diminutive of jicara, the fruit of the calabash tree, from Nahuatl.