Definition of jet ski in US English:

jet ski


trademark in US
  • A small, jet-propelled vehicle that skims across the surface of water and typically is ridden like a motorcycle.

    • ‘We continued to try and get Brendan out of the water and onto the jet ski to get him back to the boat ramp, but he continued to slip.’
    • ‘Both representatives attended the Pattaya Marathon 2003 and took some time off to ride on a jet ski with the mayor.’
    • ‘He called police who launched a full-scale rescue operation involving the coastguard, fire brigade, local boats and a jet ski.’
    • ‘The adrenaline junkie donned a parachute, laid his hands on a high-powered jet ski and prepared to ride it off Niagara Falls.’
    • ‘Tie an ultralight aircraft on your Ford Ka's luggage rack, put a jet ski and a dirt bike in the back and tow a buggy.’


[no object]often as noun jet-skiing
  • Ride on a jet ski.

    • ‘So they said goodbye after breakfast and parasailed, kneeboarded and jet-skied before coming back desperate for supper and bed.’
    • ‘Some people on vacation jet-ski their way into broken legs.’
    • ‘Lara jet-skis, horseback rides and motorcycles her way through Hong Kong, Kenya, Wales, Greece and Africa.’
    • ‘Plans are also in place to divide Blackpool's famous beach into zones for sunbathing, playing, jet-skiing and water sports, and donkey rides.’


jet ski