Definition of jet-setting in English:



  • See jet set

    • ‘After a lot of talking, Wong said that since I have a jet-setting lifestyle (which I don't), she'd get me a Samsonite luggage.’
    • ‘A headteacher has criticised jet-setting parents for a school's abysmal truancy record.’
    • ‘Today, Sitges is a favourite hang out for the global jet-setting gay crowd, where the nightlife vibrates until dawn along Calle del Pecado.’
    • ‘Sandie is a jet-setting VP who's been haunted by her sister's abduction for much of her life.’
    • ‘One thing that the money does, is allow for a jet-setting lifestyle.’
    • ‘If I ever commence a new career as a jet-setting international cheerleader and all-round smiling type person, I'll know exactly where to go for ribbons and bows.’
    • ‘She's been using her winnings to enjoy a jet-setting lifestyle.’
    • ‘‘If anyone knows about international pairs, it's Shaun,’ said the jet-setting tycoon between puffs of his cigar.’
    • ‘Clearly, there was no room in the busy jet-setting, girl-chasing life of this world-beating middle-aged playboy for anything so slow lane as reading.’
    • ‘Nearly a year ago, she was living the life of a jet-setting top model when the tsunami in Southeast Asia turned her life upside down.’
    • ‘For her part, the former jet-setting First Lady wasn't talking.’
    • ‘An inspirational great-grandmother and a jet-setting Rochdale dentist have received an MBE in the New Year's Honours.’
    • ‘But with the number of jet-setting Malayalis on the rise, many have now begun flying off to exciting places far and near India.’
    • ‘In several calls Peterson lies to her and pretends to be a jet-setting bachelor just days following his wife's disappearance.’
    • ‘The dream she is playing out is the one where she becomes a critically acclaimed jet-setting musician and songwriter.’
    • ‘Once used exclusively by jet-setting business travellers, miles have become a regular currency among holidaymakers and long-distance commuters.’
    • ‘The lines are well defined and clean with immaculate detailing, free flowing and innovatively mixed to suit jet-setting lifestyle.’
    • ‘Whether they're jet-setting to work or just hanging out at the beach, they always have time for their four-legged friends.’
    • ‘She shunned the party circuit but enjoyed the company of men and aspired to a jet-setting lifestyle as a model, the friend said.’
    • ‘I'm talking about the ‘Zespri’, that jet-setting designer kiwifruit of the nineties.’