Definition of jerry-building in US English:



  • See jerry-built

    • ‘Yet many of these cathedrals looked grander than they were, and design faults, or perhaps jerry-building, caused a number of fiascos.’
    • ‘If there was jerry-building, it was more likely to have been the result of haste - the impossible demands of an impatient emperor.’
    • ‘To the rear is seen the invasion of the jerry-building that must serve the poorer man who wishes to live in a ‘free-standing’ house.’
    • ‘If the apprentice was caught doing any jerry-building he would find it at his feet knocked down with a hammer.’
    • ‘As for the humorist-author, can the book he is jerry-building sell anywhere near so well as he almost desperately counts on?’



/ˈjerē ˌbildiNG/