Definition of jelly in English:



  • 1A sweet, clear, semisolid, somewhat elastic spread or preserve made from fruit juice and sugar boiled to a thick consistency.

    • ‘Antonin selected fruits for the puddings - a nectarine plombie (ice cream) and oranges stuffed with layered jellies.’
    • ‘The orange jelly, though, was nothing more than a silly fancy on a rainy day.’
    • ‘The second act was a passion fruit jelly in an oyster shell - that was better.’
    • ‘For the apple jelly: In small saucepan, combine juice and ascorbic acid.’
    • ‘Adding cooking apples or damsons will ensure a perfect set in jam or jelly because of these fruits' high pectin levels.’
    • ‘Uses are mainly for wine, fruit sauce, jelly, or fresh fruit.’
    • ‘A three-fruit jelly of distinct layers - blackberry, blueberry, raspberry - came with a deliciously intense fruit sauce.’
    • ‘Pour the custard off and just eat the jelly.’
    • ‘They made apple jelly with the apples from the orchard.’
    • ‘The clusters can be frozen whole for jelly or juice.’
    • ‘And, after disastrous rehearsals, did an exceptional fruit jelly.’
    • ‘Orange jelly with fresh peach and pineapple slices, topped by double cream, finished the meal.’
    • ‘Products with cooked elderberries, like juice or elderberry jelly, are perfectly safe, however.’
    • ‘A little dash of pumpkin pie spice in my pumpkin jelly and I was on to another blue ribbon winner.’
    • ‘Tart lemon jelly and crumbly crumbles went very well together, I thought.’
    • ‘Lunch may be with family or friends, and involve a classic roast followed by, say, fruit jelly made by the kids.’
    • ‘Cane and beet sugar are the usual sources of sugar for jelly or jam.’
    • ‘For the guava jelly: In a saucepan, bring the guava juice and orange juice to a boil.’
    • ‘You can keep this sauce, chilled as a jelly, in the fridge for up to a week.’
    • ‘Using a spoon, spread over the jelly so it covers the bottom crust.’
    1. 1.1 Used figuratively and in similes to refer to sensations of fear or strong emotion.
      ‘her legs felt like jelly’
    2. 1.2 A condiment with a consistency similar to fruit jelly.
      ‘roast duck with jalapeño jelly’
      • ‘Nick peeked into the first basket, and passed me an apple jelly sandwich before taking a peanut butter one.’
      • ‘Mrs Von Trapp had the chicken liver parfait with green grape jelly.’
      • ‘The treatment back then was a diet of fried sheep thyroid glands with currant jelly on the side.’
      • ‘She went into the kitchen, and prepared a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.’
      • ‘Add the mustard powder, red currant jelly, and white wine.’
      • ‘She said that he was hopeless - living on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.’
      • ‘In Houston, a large jar of fruit jelly, which has a density similar to some explosives, triggered the alarm on a machine that scans checked luggage.’
      • ‘In this country port was as essential as redcurrant jelly, the two being combined in Francatelli's delicious sauce for venison.’
      • ‘Spread the top of the layer with a generous 1/2 cup of the fruit jelly.’
      • ‘In a bowl, mix together the lamb with the fresh mint or mint jelly.’
      • ‘It came with a red pepper cassonade, crab ice cream and a sliver of passion fruit jelly.’
      • ‘"Oh, the jelly doughnuts, " he nodded knowingly.’
      • ‘They can be quite tart, so are perfect for making sweet jams, jellies and ice cream.’
      • ‘All jams, jellies, and pickled products processed less than 10 minutes should be filled into sterile empty jars.’
      • ‘Mine was filled with apricot and Jason's was peanut butter and strawberry jelly.’
      • ‘I set a jar of mayo and a jar of red jelly in front of him.’
      • ‘Nearly two-thirds of all restaurant visits include French fries, pepperoni, potato salad or jelly filling.’
      • ‘I liked the kick it gave the chicken and the green grape jelly was a great balance.’
      • ‘I also got extra points for using homemade blackberry jelly so graciously offered by a coworker.’
      • ‘For example, the process of creating jelly or jam from fruit was similar to pickling.’
    3. 1.3 A gelatinous savory preparation made by boiling meat and bones.
      • ‘The statement also said the latest cases were likely caused by the consumption of tainted pork tongue in jelly.’
      • ‘Those who wanted to build up the appetite, began by munching on seafood popiyat and meat jelly.’
      • ‘Similarly, the chicken wings come in Thai jelly, a sticky slick of savoury honey coating some very ruddy wings.’
      • ‘Slow cooked, the sinew that makes meat tough becomes jelly.’
      • ‘It tasted like eating a hunk of quivering meat jelly.’
      • ‘Put in the pulled breast, with any odd scraps of jelly, and stir about until the pieces are very hot indeed.’
      • ‘Sheep heads, rams' testicles, udders and jelly from the feet were all prepared for storage.’
      • ‘After preparation, the jelly was placed in a container and covered from dust, often not sealed in any way.’
      • ‘There's hardly a bit of a pig you can't eat, from the head boiled up in a stewy soup to the trotters with their savoury jelly and morsels of meat.’
      • ‘She stuffed another bite of pot roast with jelly into her mouth and watched for the vamp's reaction.’
      • ‘You would realize that too if you had to live on German jelly and bean stew for six months.’
      • ‘In the kitchen, things which may need clarification are stock, clear soup, aspic, jelly, etc.’
    4. 1.4 Any substance of a gelatinous consistency.
      ‘spermicidal jellies’
      ‘frogs lay eggs coated in jelly’
      • ‘Spermicide comes as a foam, jelly, or cream, and kills sperm.’
      • ‘After peeling off outer skin, they polish it with castor oil, cactus jelly, curd, ghee and turmeric powder to make it smooth and slippery.’
      • ‘Don't use petroleum jelly or a lit match to kill a tick.’
      • ‘They make royal jelly in glands near their mouthparts.’
      • ‘When this was done it formed a jelly like substance.’
      • ‘HIV positive women can use diaphragms and cervical caps for birth control, with spermicidal cream or jelly.’
      • ‘Triad Disposables' hot new item - tubes of sterile lubricating jelly.’
      • ‘For the soy jelly: In small saucepan, combine soy sauce and water and bring to a boil.’
      • ‘Another thing that just wouldn't be the same without women is jelly wrestling.’
      • ‘It is petroleum oil turned to jelly, and contains refined oil, gelliants, and butylated hydroxy toluene.’
      • ‘I don't like the idea of using petroleum jelly or any other synthetic product internally.’
      • ‘A sea-urchin egg is surrounded by a protective covering known as the vitelline envelope, which in turn is covered with a thick coat of jelly.’
      • ‘As the Committee chairman testily remarked, this is a little like nailing jelly.’
      • ‘The cleared cuticles were mounted in glycerin jelly on glass slides for light microscopic examination.’
      • ‘In either case you belong in the ‘Land of Misfit Toys’ with the choo choo train with square wheels and the water pistol that squirts jelly.’
      • ‘Use petroleum jelly on the rim of the cup for a tight fit.’
      • ‘They are caused by clumps of material suspended in the vitreous jelly that fills the back of the eye.’
      • ‘Her bones were melting like jelly now, descending along the edges ever so patiently, dripping slow as wax over her raw flesh.’
    5. 1.5British A sweet, fruit-flavored gelatin dessert.
      • ‘What he dined on was hard to say: a chocolate-covered row of scallops, perhaps, or tuna tartare topped with a tuile of crispy green-tea jelly.’
      • ‘If they tried to clear my arteries, they'd find one filled with vanilla cream, one filled with jelly, and one dusted with powdered sugar.’
      • ‘The child choked while eating a jelly sweet.’
      • ‘Undercover council officers are to swoop on local shops in a bid to keep a killer jelly sweet out of Bolton.’
      • ‘Up close he looks like a child who has just eaten too much jelly at a birthday party.’
      • ‘At the market, Wang Lung buys pork, lotus leaf, beef, beancurd, jelly, and at the candle shop, he buys a pair of incense sticks.’
      • ‘Served on a long white platter, the little row of apple treats starts with a pleasant apple jelly candy.’
      • ‘It is entirely possible that the jelly sweet stuck to his finger while he wet his finger to shine the ball.’
      • ‘The jelly sweets contain E425 Konjac - a banned additive that could present a choking hazard to children.’
      • ‘A toddler is believed to have choked to death on a jelly sweet linked to more than a dozen deaths around the world.’
      • ‘However, some people eat jellies, which are considered a delicacy.’
      • ‘Parents were warned not to allow their children to eat a jelly sweet which has been linked to 16 deaths elsewhere in the world.’
      • ‘These elegant jellies look fantastically decadent at the end of a picnic.’
      • ‘Invert the jelly onto a cutting board and remove the mold and plastic wrap.’
      • ‘These gentlemen want to sell us fruit, custard and jelly but they have no water.’
      • ‘The Blackburn-based company has bought the soft fruit jellies business of Penguin Confectionery in a £428,000 deal.’
      • ‘I've only just discovered how delicious jelly babies are here in the UK.’
      • ‘The jelly is contained in a dome-shaped plastic cup with a peel off foil lid.’
    6. 1.6jellies Jelly shoes.


[WITH OBJECT]usually as adjective jellied
  • Set (food) as or in a jelly.

    ‘jellied cranberry sauce’
    ‘jellied eels’
    • ‘He's more East End than a Limehouse jellied eel in a pearly king's whistle.’
    • ‘Anyhoo, what I'm trying to get across is that this mag is harder to get hold of than a jellied eel.’
    • ‘We make great jellied salads, and we're okay with calling them ‘salads’ even though there isn't one lick of lettuce in them.’
    • ‘So I piled Darren and Rob into the car and we headed down to Margate for some whelks and jellied eels.’
    • ‘His meals consist of Marmite sandwiches, Jublees, and jellied eels.’
    • ‘In a blender purée one 10-ounce package frozen strawberries and one can of jellied cranberry sauce.’
    • ‘Filling is minced meat with a cube of jellied broth.’
    • ‘Getting funding, however, is more slippery than jellied eel in a pie and mash shop.’
    • ‘His eyes were yellow, jellied, and looked like they were filled with mucus.’
    • ‘There were jellied eels galore being passed round Roots Hall on Tuesday night as Southend reached the LDV Vans Final.’
    • ‘Over the putts, his backswing would become as long and wobbly as a jellied eel.’
    • ‘Holiday foods included jellied pigs feet, goose stuffed with prunes, and roasted suckling pig.’
    • ‘Preserves are made of small, whole fruits or uniform-size pieces of fruits in a clear thick, slightly jellied syrup.’
    • ‘All the traditional English fare will be on offer during the day, such as roast beef, cockles and jellied eels, fish and chips, candy floss and popcorn.’
    • ‘Before Wright arrived, the forward line worked around Alan Smith, an unflashy 20-a-season man, a player as traditional as jellied eels.’
    • ‘In Sweden it commonly includes herring, smoked eel, roast beef, tongue, jellied fish, boiled potatoes, and cheese.’
    • ‘I started to sprinkle the pudding with some jellied candies, and happily hummed a song as I went about doing it.’
    • ‘I know you like chocolates, but last year we took some chocolate candy and some of those strange jellied candies in little cups out to the orphanage.’
    • ‘Skim off the fat and spoon out the now jellied stock into tubs and freeze until ready to use.’
    • ‘I bet the only people who were glad that they got the game on pay-per-view reside in East London and have a penchant for jellied eels.’
    conserve, bottle, tin, can, pot, chill, freeze, freeze-dry, quick-freeze, dry, desiccate, dehydrate
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Late Middle English: from Old French gelée frost, jelly from Latin gelata frozen from gelare freeze from gelu frost.