Definition of jell in US English:



[no object]North American
  • 1(of a liquid or semiliquid substance) set or become more solid.

    ‘she works at it all day but can't get the jelly to jell’
    ‘chicken or fish stock will jell when chilled’
    set, stiffen, solidify, thicken, harden
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  • 2(of a project or idea) take a definite form or begin to work well.

    ‘he decided to do a different film that would jell at the box office’
    take shape, come together, fall into place, happen, take form, form, emerge, crystallize, materialize, become definite
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    1. 2.1 (of people) work well together.
      ‘we went out there and tried to win, but we just didn't jell’


Mid 18th century: back-formation from jelly. See also gel.