Definition of je ne sais quoi in US English:

je ne sais quoi


  • A quality that cannot be described or named easily.

    ‘that je ne sais quoi that makes a professional’
    • ‘Parisian store owners know that their certain je ne sais quoi has more to do with quality than quoi.’
    • ‘Whatever the reason, I don't seem to possess that ‘je ne sais quoi’ quite simply because I really don't know what it is.’
    • ‘Bacon, Galileo and Descartes rejected the preternatural je ne sais quoi in favour of a scientific examination of nature.’


French, literally ‘I do not know what’.


je ne sais quoi

/ˌZHə nə sā ˈkwä//ˌʒə nə seɪ ˈkwɑ/