Definition of Jazz Age in US English:

Jazz Age


  • The 1920s in the US characterized as a period of carefree hedonism, wealth, freedom, and youthful exuberance, reflected in the novels of writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald.

    • ‘Others developed clothes based on different eras in history, from the splendidly monochromatic jazz age of the 30s to the bobby-soxed hand jive of the 1950s world of Grease.’
    • ‘This beautiful, elegiac story, set amid the elegance of the jazz age on the French Riviera, in the shadow of the Second World War, won not only golden opinions but the McKitterick Prize for the best first novel of 2000.’
    • ‘After a beautifully staged and performed courtship that takes advantage of all of the aesthetic possibilities of the jazz age, they decide to get married, even though Linda knows he has affairs with men and will continue to do so.’
    • ‘There is no dialogue or narration - characters more like grunt, mumble, snort, growl or squeak - and the swinging soundtrack riffs nostalgically on numbers from the musical hall and jazz age.’
    • ‘High jinx rather than high art is the watchword of Christie's Art Deco sale on Thursday with over 200 lots that invoke the indomitable spirit of the jazz age.’