Definition of Japanese cedar in US English:

Japanese cedar


  • another term for cryptomeria
    • ‘The Japanese cedar is a handsome specimen for windscreens, borders and groupings on large properties.’
    • ‘If mountain areas were full of deep-rooted Japanese cedar rather than betel nut palms, torrential rains would be less likely to cause mudslides and overflowing rivers.’
    • ‘They are approached through long graveled avenues set between stone walls in a deep forest of towering Japanese cedars, which contribute great power and contrast to the buildings themselves.’
    • ‘The whole house is covered in Virginia creeper and among the trees are an apple tree, cedar, Japanese cedar and large cypress.’
    • ‘In the foreground you can see the neat squares of the Whittles’ and neighboring farms, the neatly trellised blocks of kiwifruit vines framed by tall, dense shelterbelts of Japanese cedar.’