Definition of jaggy in English:



  • Jagged.

    • ‘Lack of a freshwater source or any plant life apart, the only shelter on the whole windswept hillock is dangerously near the tide line, down between jaggy rocks and slippery seaweed deposits.’
    • ‘The higher resolution won't completely get rid of jaggy lines and slight texture shimmering, but it will give you the best image quality with an acceptable frame rate given the equipment you're running on.’
    • ‘The edges are a little jaggy, but it doesn't seem to matter.’
    • ‘It's all spiky and jaggy and it should be off-putting, but it strangely isn't because it has this antenna-like thing about it.’
    • ‘The low bitrate and edge enhancement render horizontal lines in the chase scenes as jaggy, pixelated messes.’

plural noun