Definition of jadeite in US English:



  • A green, blue, or white mineral which is one of the forms of jade. It is a silicate of sodium, aluminum, and iron and belongs to the pyroxene group.

    • ‘In particular, it would have been good to include fancy colored sapphires (other than padparadsha), demantoid, jadeite, red beryl, and benitoite, to name a few.’
    • ‘Of the two kinds of jade, jadeite and nephrite, the former is harder than the latter and cannot be scratched with a penknife blade.’
    • ‘Craftsmanship of a very high order is represented in objects of shell and jadeite.’
    • ‘Nephrite and jadeite, the former in colours of white, yellow, russet and green were used in the making of unique little bottles.’
    • ‘This jadeite is multicolored white, green, and rare lavender.’