Definition of izzat in English:



  • Honor, reputation, or prestige.

    ‘the izzat of the household was at stake’
    • ‘It's the power and prestige, respect, izzat, that becomes primary.’
    • ‘My brethren, for the sake of God and His Prophet do not come over here, for our people have no izzat, and nowadays we have two sirdars, Naslim Khan and Sarbaland Khan, who are such bad men as I have never come across before.’
    • ‘To Asian families izzat - honour - is all important.’
    • ‘‘We never get izzat anywhere in Gujarat,’ said another.’
    • ‘The concept of dowry is so deeply rooted that even young women and men who seek to rebel against society by opposing dowry cannot do it wholeheartedly because there are issues of family honour (maanam, izzat, maan etc.) at stake.’
    prestige, kudos, cachet, standing, stature, prestigiousness, reputation, repute, name, good name, regard, fame, note, renown, honour, esteem, estimation, image, account, rank, character, celebrity, importance, prominence, consequence, class, distinction, laurels, influence, weight, authority, supremacy, eminence, superiority
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Persian and Urdu, from Arabic ‘izza ‘glory’.