Definition of IYKWIM in US English:



  • If you know what I mean.

    ‘he's at the stage where he needs to make drastic changes himself before they are made for him, IYKWIM’
    • ‘He is a classmate of mine—I should really say I was in his class, but I'm just not in his class IYKWIM.’
    • ‘I'd say her spiel isn't the only thing that's thick, IYKWIM.’
    • ‘That's not so much a bug as something that may need our attention, IYKWIM.’
    • ‘The handsome mystery man doesn't seem like he'd that interested, iykwim.’
    • ‘Try using different words to make the same point, or cutting down on the emoticons and abbreviations, IYKWIM.’
    • ‘There was an authentic Ratpack vibe without too much gooniness, IYKWIM.’
    • ‘I think by wearing the mask he was adopting another character, and the words were thus being said by a fictitious character, not by him as himself, IYKWIM.’
    • ‘I'd completely forgotten they were German, as they sound more French to me IYKWIM.’
    • ‘I believe it was done out of necessity, and possibly some sleight of hand, IYKWIM.’
    • ‘It is sorta fun to read this one on the subway, IYKWIM.’