Definition of ivied in US English:



  • 1Covered in ivy.

    ‘an ivied church’
    • ‘The magical, ivied old manse on mature parkland would have made a perfect setting - tranquil, atmospheric and dignified.’
    • ‘On a fair hill we see a majestic pile, the ivied walls and towers of Cholmondeley Castle, huge relic and witness of the baronial grandeurs of the Middle Ages.’
    • ‘The Coliseum's ultratraditional ivied mass of concrete and stone is a handsome landmark five years older than City Hall.’
    • ‘What legends, what quaint stories, what seemingly extravagant romances, its ivied stones, had they but tongues, could tell!’
    • ‘The ivied walls of the brick-and-mortar institutions will begin to fall as more and more students discover the solving of traditional educational problems that distance education provides.’
    1. 1.1US Relating to the academic institutions of the Ivy League.
      ‘the ivied eastern schools and colleges’
      • ‘At one point during the day, two men from one of the more densely ivied colleges strolled by the Rowing Association's food tent.’
      • ‘Or will they simply be bypassed and rendered obsolete by new, low-capital, hi-tech organizations built up by people without a vested interest in the real-world ivied halls of academia?’
      • ‘Behind the ivied walls, the more intellectually prestigious schools are making some pernicious compromises.’