Definition of Italian American in US English:

Italian American


  • An American who is of Italian descent.

    ‘second-generation Italian Americans’
    • ‘I would love to see you play a heroic Italian American like Joe DiMaggio.’
    • ‘More than 500,000 Italian Americans joined the U.S. military, serving in all theaters, including the Italian campaign.’
    • ‘Auspicious is the fact that the reviews seen here represent only a small percentage of the works being published by and about Italian Americans.’
    • ‘Often these films and television shows are written, directed, produced, created, and acted by Italian Americans.’
    • ‘The exploration of the fragility of being a woman and an Italian American celebrates the emerging voice of Italian American women from orality to literacy.’
    • ‘The father, who died in 1993, was an Italian American who grew up in a Philadelphia orphanage and worked as a salesman and then a supervisor for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.’
    • ‘In other words, Tina finds her roots paradoxically not in Italy but in America as a fourth-generation Italian American.’
    • ‘Even the Italians exist not to tell us who we are as Italian Americans (as we all somehow expect when we "go back" to find the places and people and potential selves our grandparents left behind), but for reasons and pleasures and purposes all their own.’
    • ‘Our driver was excellent, a typical Brooklyn Italian American with attitude.’
    • ‘Her mother, Carla, a second-generation Italian American who had accepted her gender roles and become completely assimilated, can't understand her daughter's life at all.’
    • ‘Now I'm in the midst of writing about another food-loving Italian American who doesn't resemble me in the least.’
    • ‘Inside the salad bowl of the States, where many define themselves not simply as Americans but as Muslim Americans, Italian Americans, Irish Americans or Scottish Americans, the desire to find out more about their roots is stronger than ever.’
    • ‘The Great Depression overshadowed earlier economic gains, often forcing Italian Americans back into their family-centered ethnic communities.’
    • ‘As a second-generation Italian American, she seems to confirm what Ahern has said about downplaying one's roots.’
    • ‘The author, an Italian American, writes brilliantly of the joys of her grandmother's cooking.’
    • ‘In 1916, he became the first Italian American to be elected to Congress, serving in the House of Representatives until 1932, with interruptions for World War I service in Italy and a brief tenure as president of the New York City Board of Alderman.’
    • ‘In other words, the onscreen Italian American has not only had to shadow-box with his own persona, but with other ethnically and racially marginalized groups.’
    • ‘Watching the quintessential Italian American strut his stuff made me wonder why so many Italians, and particularly Sicilians, leave for the US?’
    • ‘We know from the work of sociologist Mary Waters, for example, that a third-generation Italian American largely gets to choose whether to be identified as Italian; it is not an identity imposed on that person by others.’


  • Relating to or denoting Italian Americans.

    ‘an Italian-American neighborhood’
    • ‘Italian-American groups say it demeans Italians.’
    • ‘One of the toughest things I have had to get used to in an otherwise idyllic Paris is the huge gap between Anglo-Saxon (or Italian American in my case) parenting and parenting French style.’
    • ‘"I am a progressive Democrat," he said, adding that his values are rooted in his middle-class upbringing in an Italian-American family.’
    • ‘One last intangible benefit, perhaps the most powerful, was the effect it had on Gary's mother, an Italian American Catholic who has lived a life of service in the church and to her Western Pennsylvania community.’
    • ‘This disc brings together piano music from 20th century Italian-American composers largely ignored.’
    • ‘The award is given annually to a poet of Italian-American descent whose manuscript will be published as a bilingual volume.’
    • ‘By 1991, Italian American voter registrations were 35 percent Republican and 32 percent Democratic.’
    • ‘For Menino, the parade is about Italian-American pride.’
    • ‘The cuisine is contemporary Italian-American with a southern Italian bent.’
    • ‘As a result, it was Sinatra who became the most famous Italian-American crooner from Hoboken.’
    • ‘This configuration emphasizes the power of Italian-American culture to nurture individual identity.’
    • ‘We are Italian American, or whatever else we are, because of whom and what we have loved longest and most powerfully.’
    • ‘The Italian American Museum, at 155 Mulberry, is up and running.’
    • ‘In time she meets a handsome Italian-American man who speaks seriously and tactfully of marriage.’
    • ‘What constitutes Italian-American culture for a third-generation daughter born of a second-generation parent?’
    • ‘As someone raised on Italian-American cuisine, I'm quite familiar with various Italian concoctions.’
    • ‘The two shared an Italian-American upbringing and a feel for the city's streets.’
    • ‘Those offended by Italian-American stereotypes will also find plenty to be annoyed by with the guido/guidette lifestyle.’
    • ‘The Italian American, Vietnamese, and Latino communities all have a residential presence near Center City, if not exactly in it.’
    • ‘And in 1994, he received the Medal of Valor from the Massachusetts Association of Italian American Police Officers.’