Definition of it's (or that's) someone's funeral in US English:

it's (or that's) someone's funeral


  • Used to warn someone that an unwise act or decision is their responsibility.

    ‘“I won't discuss it.” “Don't then—it's your funeral.”’
    • ‘If they want to bury their heads in the sand and keep saying, ‘I'm alright Jack ’, then it's their funeral.’
    • ‘At first, Elminster refuses to play this game, then thinks, what the hell, it's his funeral.’
    • ‘If you'll excuse the cliché, go ahead but it's your funeral.’
    • ‘But that's the way it is - and it's their funeral, in more ways than one.’
    • ‘The constable sighed, ‘All right, bud, it's your funeral.’’
    • ‘‘All right, it's your funeral,’ he said, stepping away from the door to Shaidanna's room and gesturing him through.’
    • ‘Vanzetti and his coworker shrugged, ‘All right then, but it's your funeral.’’
    • ‘As far as I'm concerned, if they want to post something incriminating, it's their funeral.’
    • ‘If they want to continue to act like animals, well, it's their funeral and at least we taxpayers won't have to pony up for the casket.’
    • ‘If they want to play that game, it's their funeral, not mine.’
    responsibility, problem, worry, concern, business, affair
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