Definition of issuer in US English:



  • A person or company that supplies or distributes something.

    ‘issuers of mortgage-backed bonds’
    ‘write down the monthly interest rate your card issuer charges’
    • ‘Basically, the issuer undertakes to pay for the purchases made by the cardholder within a specified credit limit.’
    • ‘The issuer should have been alerted by the obvious pattern of the frauds.’
    • ‘The issuer may send an unsolicited credit token under a credit-token agreement already made.’
    • ‘The contract is concluded in standard form, drafted by the issuer.’
    • ‘Many issuers now charge a $35 late fee.’
    • ‘A difficult question arises in respect of this contract where the issuer becomes insolvent.’
    • ‘The issuer does not promise to reimburse third parties who deal with the cardholder.’
    • ‘In cases involving credit cards, the dealer is already in a relationship with the issuer.’
    • ‘He knows that his use of the card involves the creation of a binding payment undertaking on the issuer's part.’
    • ‘In such a bipartite arrangement, the card is used to charge the client's account with the issuer which the customer settles later.’