Definition of isomerize in English:



  • See isomer

    • ‘The product has only isomerized a double bond, just as in the OBF mechanism.’
    • ‘Considering that the chromophore is completely isomerized, the instability must reside in the protein part.’
    • ‘Cannabidiol is extracted from fiber cannabis and isomerized to dronabinol.’
    • ‘In such a case, the bond is isomerized by a specific enoyl-CoA isomerase and oxidation continues.’
    • ‘After binding to a blunt DNA end to form an initiation complex, the complex isomerizes to one of several possible unwinding states.’
    • ‘In response to absorption of a photon, the 11-cis-retinal isomerizes to the all-trans conformation, inducing helix 3 to shift toward the extracellular side.’