Definition of isoelectronic in US English:



  • Having the same numbers of electrons or the same electronic structure.

    ‘carbon monoxide is isoelectronic with nitrogen’
    • ‘Likewise, the chloride ion is isoelectronic with argon.’
    • ‘Because molecules of carbon dioxide are isoelectronic with nitrous oxide molecules, he or she can assume that nitrous oxide will react similarly to the way in which carbon dioxide reacts in the experiment.’
    • ‘For the Group 3A metals ions, the electron configuration is the same as the previous noble gas, that is, Sc 3 + and argon are isoelectronic.’
    • ‘Replacement of two BH - units with the isoelectronic CH moiety leads to the formation of carboranes.’
    • ‘Although the Fe CN complex is isoelectronic with Fe CO, the cyanide complex is highly charged.’