Definition of irritability in US English:



  • The quality or state of being irritable.

    ‘symptoms include insomnia and irritability’
    • ‘In such cases, the depression often appears as extreme irritability and anger, rather than sadness.’
    • ‘Within days my energy levels pick up, and my tendency to ill temper and irritability fades away.’
    • ‘But the sullenness, withdrawal and irritability are hard on those around them.’
    • ‘But the family have pulled together and, in spite of fits of irritability, are happy.’
    • ‘During this time you may have feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety and irritability.’
    irascibility, tetchiness, testiness, touchiness, scratchiness, grumpiness, moodiness, grouchiness, crotchetiness, a mood, a bad mood, cantankerousness, curmudgeonliness, churlishness, bad temper, ill temper, ill nature, ill humour, peevishness, crossness, pique, impatience, fractiousness, pettishness, crabbiness, waspishness, prickliness, pepperiness, crustiness, spleen, shrewishness, short temper, hot temper, quick temper
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