Definition of irretrievable in US English:



  • Not able to be retrieved or put right.

    ‘the irretrievable breakdown of their marriage’
    • ‘Frankly, we can't allow it to be irretrievable because the consequences of failure are too dark to imagine.’
    • ‘A couple are legally entitled to divorce after two years when there is an irretrievable breakdown - but only if both parties agree in writing.’
    • ‘The Task Force report also notes that 1 in 200 may experience irretrievable memory loss.’
    • ‘Any carelessness or negligence will bring disaster to our future generations and cause irretrievable losses’.’
    • ‘But fault was still a feature in many divorce cases, since irretrievable breakdown had to be shown in one of five ways.’
    • ‘‘Whatever might have been of interest to anybody is gone and irretrievable,’ he said.’
    • ‘But with 11 minutes to play, Liverpool's advantage became irretrievable.’
    • ‘The sole ground for divorce is irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.’
    • ‘The half hour delay produces a data loss window during which time email can be truly lost and irretrievable.’
    • ‘All that we can salvage in the present is the memory, like Gretta's, of moments or events that are inevitably irretrievable.’
    • ‘They punch so limply as an attacking force, though, that falling behind to superior opposition leaves them chasing an irretrievable cause.’
    • ‘‘How about settling for irretrievable breakdown,’ she proposes.’
    • ‘The rest of the night I sit there, wondering if I've done something irreparable, lost something irretrievable.’
    • ‘Yet no one sees the situation as irretrievable.’
    • ‘But I think I've crossed some sort of irretrievable line here.’
    • ‘A wrong move by the sailor, an over correction on helm or sheet, a sudden drop or shift in the wind will cause an immediate and irretrievable capsize.’
    • ‘We want them to know their situation is not irretrievable.’
    • ‘Two allegations effected an irretrievable breakdown between Toulouse and the University.’
    • ‘‘I know what I did was disgusting, and brought irretrievable damage to the victims and their families,’ Chen said.’
    • ‘With someone of that age, the sense of smell is not irretrievable and there are different ways to successfully solve the problem, including hypnotherapy.’
    irreversible, unrectifiable, irremediable, irrevocable, irredeemable, irrecoverable, unrecoverable, irreparable, unrepairable, beyond repair
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