Definition of irregularity in US English:



  • 1The state or quality of being irregular.

    ‘there is evidence that fraud and irregularity continue on a large scale’
    • ‘‘Sir Alex Ferguson received treatment in hospital following a routine check-up several months ago which revealed a minor heart irregularity,’ it said.’
    • ‘To date, however, there have been no formal complaints of irregularity apart from one where a child (not children) received a voters' pack.’
    • ‘In tidying up or polishing the former the roughness and irregularity of the latter is discarded like so much adventitious dross.’
    • ‘A little bit of a holiday from myself, and a pleasant change of pace from the monotonous irregularity of shift work.’
    • ‘Every irregularity, when detected, was termed as an ‘adjustment’ on account of expenses incurred for defence inspectors.’
    • ‘If, theoretically, some irregularity is found and the process must begin again, let us hope that this happens sooner rather than later.’
    • ‘A structure may be called fractal if it presents the same irregularity at all scales.’
    • ‘All around us are towering, glowering peaks rising with perfect irregularity from the flat, green waters of the fjord.’
    • ‘Our teacher believed in the traditional drill-style method, which in the case of Latin with it's absence of irregularity, was probably the best approach.’
    • ‘I have been assured by my office that there was no irregularity in the process’
    • ‘Many projects have been listed and caught out, but they have not been involved in any irregularity or fraud.’
    • ‘Amateur boxing's ruling body said the Cuban protest was rejected because there was no evidence of serious irregularity.’
    • ‘In their ruling yesterday, delivered by Lord Mance, the law lords found there were material irregularity and unfairness in the trial process and ruled against a retrial.’
    • ‘However there are a small number of allegations alleging electoral irregularity which still need further investigation and inquiries into these matters are continuing.’
    • ‘He says: ‘What a farce when there is so much voting irregularity with postal voting.’’
    • ‘He pressed his body up against hers in a more intimate manner and she heard his every breathing irregularity.’
    • ‘A total of 417 cases of this irregularity were noted - a small minority - but ‘a serious breach of regulations’.’
    • ‘A council statement added: ‘One concerns a petty cash irregularity and the other concerns the use of council funds.’’
    • ‘The service will notify passengers of flight delays and cancellations in case of flight irregularity.’
    • ‘While some irregularity may be termed normal, it must be understood that frequent periods, heavy bleeding are not due to menopause.’
    asymmetry, lack of symmetry, non-uniformity, unevenness, crookedness, lopsidedness, contortion, deformity, jaggedness, raggedness, cragginess, indentation
    roughness, bumpiness, unevenness, coarseness
    inconsistency, unsteadiness, unevenness, fitfulness, patchiness, haphazardness, inconstancy, instability, variability, changeableness, fluctuation, unpunctuality, unpredictability, unreliability, volatility, fickleness, caprice
    impropriety, incorrectness, wrongdoing, misconduct, illegitimacy, dishonesty, corruption, immorality, unscrupulousness, unprofessionalism
    abnormality, unusualness, uncommonness, strangeness, waywardness, oddness, unexpectedness, singularity, atypicality, anomaly, anomalousness, deviation, divergence, aberrancy, aberration, freakishness, peculiarity, curiousness, eccentricity, idiosyncrasy, quirkiness, unorthodoxy
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    1. 1.1usually irregularities A thing that is irregular in form or nature.
      ‘irregularities of the heartbeat’
      ‘financial irregularities’
      • ‘The hearings were viewed as test cases because of complaints about postal voting irregularities in other parts of the country.’
      • ‘Thousands of lawyers from both sides were on standby in the event of any election day voting irregularities.’
      • ‘The irregularities were uncovered during an investigation by the City Inspectorate last year.’
      • ‘Have any of you been reading about the huge amount of voter irregularities in this election?’
      • ‘This was due to irregularities in the signing of union cards in the original organizing drive four years before.’
      • ‘Gowda again alleged irregularities in work tendering and land acquisition.’
      • ‘This protection was meant to be against investigations into alleged irregularities in the arms deal.’
      • ‘To the dismay of the people, Roh tried to defend all his relatives and aides implicated in irregularities.’
      • ‘Glencore has been named in connection with irregularities in the oil-for-food programme by the CIA.’
      • ‘It was a mere ruling on irregularities and the unprocedural manner in which they were brought before the court.’
      • ‘In a statement the council said the alleged irregularities concerned the disposal of waste through the depot over a number of years.’
      • ‘He denies all charges except those of financial irregularities.’
      • ‘The court also wants the importance of immediately reporting any irregularities emphasised.’
      • ‘He declined to go into detail about the nature of the irregularities or to name companies allegedly involved.’
      • ‘Barnes said directors began noticing financial irregularities in September.’
      • ‘Many irregularities happen during elections and genuine voters are often deprived of their right.’
      • ‘The fraud was uncovered when Morrogh called in Central Bank regulators after discovering irregularities.’
      • ‘The guilty verdicts against Berlusconi prove that there have been irregularities in his business activities.’
      • ‘This is used to treat irregularities in the heartbeat and so is known as an antiarrythmic drug.’
      • ‘A detailed survey of power connections across the city may reveal many glaring irregularities.’
      bump, lump, bulge, hump, knob, knot, projection, prominence, eminence, ridge, protuberance, kink
      fluctuation, flutter, waver, flicker, falter, quiver, tremor, tremble, hiccup
      impropriety, incorrectness, wrongdoing, misconduct, illegitimacy, dishonesty, corruption, immorality, unscrupulousness, unprofessionalism
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Middle English: from Old French irregularite, from late Latin irregularitas, from irregularis (see irregular).